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5 kidswear questions, with publisher and author Linnie von Sky

by Alexa

It must have been around one year ago, to be precise, that we met Linnie for the first time. Julia and I were working at our former coworking space Wunderhaus, and Linnie came in. She sat down next to us and struck up a conversation about what it was that we were doing and what exactly we were working on.

For us this was the first time that someone really wanted to know so much about us and our business idea. We loved sharing our vision and in return we of course wanted to learn more about Linnie and found out that she was an author and in fact had started her own publishing company for children’s books. But not just any old children’s books mind you. No, her books discuss the more serious topics in life and break them down for our little ones and us indeed too. Her characters are lovingly portrayed and set in their magical world where they teach us empathy and an understanding of issues we like to ignore. As a mental health activist it’s no surprise, that Linnie has chosen to write about the more tougher subjects and address topics such a depression in a very loving way.

Her unique style, not only as a word fairy but also as an individual, gives you a glimpse at the creative mind and bubbly person that she is. So it was natural that we wanted to learn more from her about her angle on kids fashion and sustainability.

BMS: Linnie, you have a very unique and beautiful eye for fashion. Tell us more about the characteristics of good childrenswear from your point of view?

Linnie: Childrenswear has to withstand children’s play, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how much I’ve loved to dress my two daughters in carefully chosen, sometimes whimsically fragile, pieces that make my heart skip a beat. Soon enough they will make their own choices and it has been so much fun to curate a wardrobe made
up of pieces I believe in.

BMS: Where do you find the beautiful pieces for the girls? Do you hunt them in webshops or mainly in your local kidfashion boutiques?

Linnie: I believe in small businesses and enjoy the feel, stroll and proximity that boutique shopping offers. I only recently placed my first online childrenswear order and nothing about it felt right or gratifying. It felt like cheating on local businesses that make our neighbourhood so lively and liveable.

BMS: Do you have a favorite brand or more where you just know the style and quality is exactly what you’re looking for and trust?

Linnie: My favourite brands include Tocoto Vintage and Moutmout’. Spanish and French designs are my soft spot. Marta, the designer and owner of Tocoto Vintage and I have become great friends over time and it’s so precious to know the people behind a label and respect and admire all they do.

BMS: What is your take on sustainable fashion. Is it an important factor when choosing the clothing you want to buy?

Linnie: I would love to claim that sustainability has always been a deciding factor. Unfortunately I’d be fibbing. We often live our version of sustainability through longevity of preloved items. Like most, we own a mix of fast fashion and sustainable small labels we love. I aim to purchase with intent and minimalism in
mind. Everything our eldest wore gets handed down and is repurposed by our second daughter. I mend and nature dye pieces that have suffered in time to give them new life.

BMS: Would you say that you mainly shop second hand or more new items?

Linnie: Preloved items make up at least half of our wardrobe. We are very fortunate to live surrounded by families with children who join in our chain of hand-me-downs. It brings me joy to see other children wear items that we’ve already created memories in and vice versa. I really appreciate bubblemumsociety’s
effort to circulate childrenswear to make us rethink purchase patterns and pressures.

BMS: Thank you for your time Linnie.

To find out more about Linnies books hop on over to http://www.linnievonsky.com/ or find her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/linnie.von.sky/

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