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Bobo Choses- FW20 a celebration of creativity, possibility and freedom

by Alexa

What do you want to be when you grow up? If astronaut or fireman is not of your liking, this catalogue of marvellous trades may help inspire you. All trades are important. The janitor is as necessary as the doctor, as long as everyone brings something positive to society. These next trades may go unnoticed but they are essential and require serious skills and
a deep vocation.

So let us introduce you to these marvellous trades….

The Catalogue of Marvellous Trades

Bobo Choses‘ new Autumn-Winter 2020 collection is a celebration of creativity, possibility and freedom. You can be whatever you want to be.

Relaxed fits get along with vintage patterns in a collection that mixes soft and washed colors with sparkles of bright hues.

This season stands out for a full variety of patterns, from the most iconic to new and fancy ones: voluminous dresses, pleated skirts and rain poncho, bright and colorful knits, cozy coats, reversible water resistant parkas, quilted jackets with removable sleeves and cotton touch jackets with sheepskin lining. Embroidered details all over and jacquard and Intarsia knits are
some of the artwork techniques of this collection that pays tribute to creativity.

Some key facts

66% of AW20 cotton yarn is organic *GOTS certified. 90% of the cotton used in AW20 Baby collection is organic *GOTS certified. Fabrics include denim, alpaca and mohair wool, terry corduroy fleece, 100% recycled polyester and lyocell, an eco friendly and biodegradable fabric made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. 90% of AW20 production is made locally (76% Spain, 14% Portugal). 100% of the AW20 footwear is made locally in Spain. Baby sizes range from 3/6 to 24/36 months. Kid sizes range from 2/3 to 10/11 years.

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