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Bonmot- New World New Rules

by Alexa

The Barcelona based and produced brand, Bonmot, was founded in 2017 with the clear aim of forging a differnt path in the production and consumption of children’s clothing. A path that’s more humane and mindful of the environment. Sustainable fashion, fair and ethical. Dressing children from age 0-11 in unisex clothing,

All garments are made with 100% organic GOTS-certified fabrics, sustainable and farmed without chemical agents. Everything is dyed using the minimum amount of water and energy needed. And the dyes used are as non-invasive as possible. All garments are prewashed, so there are no surprises with changing colors or shrinkage.

Conceived, designed and produced with great care and attention, in workshops providing fair and decent working conditions and with sustainabel production rates.

But for Bonmot sustainabelity doesn’t stop here. All corporate communication is produced using recycled materials that can be reused and once again recycled. Want to learn more about them follow the link http://bonmotbrand.com/

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