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children’s fall winter fashion trends 19/20 wardrobe prep

by Alexa

Our report on children’s fall winter fashion trends focuses on five stories that we currently see as the most relevant. We try to focus on gender and age neutral looks. Throughout the season we will add more updates to our stories, brands we like and emerging trends. We try to keep it short and simple, a quick read. So stay tuned for what we have in stash for you. But now on to FW19/20…..

School’s Cool- how to make this a fun fashion experience

Plaids, heavy knits, corduroys and washed out sweatshirts…. get ready for the new school’s cool look. We love the earth tones, the mix of fabrics and prints. Match a mustard colored knit with a pair of bordeaux chinos, roll up the hem, put on some fun socks and leo print shoes and your little on is set for the first days of fall.

Fluffy Clouds- how about floating into fall

Fluffy Clouds is all about light hues of color, cosy fabrics and comfortable silhouettes. Cashmere, musselin, sherpas and soft wool are just a couple of fabrics that are perfect for this look.  The timeless and clean esthetics of this story is something we love. There are so many ways of interpreting it so here are our suggestions. You can go clean and super soft in regards to colors and fabrics that you choose or give the look a bit of an edge with bold accessories.

Universal Love-we are all made of stars

The universe holds so many secrets ……. And thus it’s fascinating not only for the little ones. Let them dive into this magic with these fun themed planet sweaters, jackets, backpacks and more. Who wouldn’t want to take a walk on the moon in these yellow star boots?

Fall Garden- prepping your little ones for the cold fall air

Join us on this journey through our fall garden. The mustard, orange and soft green tones are just beautiful and make the garden look so different. For our kids, this is an invitation to go outside, enjoy the fresh and cool fall air. Imagine getting ready for some fun garden work and put your little ones in dungarees a colorful sweatshirt and a cozy fleece and they are all set to run out and explore nature and mother earth.

Creative Crew- don’t be shy, it’s all in the mix

This look derives its inspiration from the creative , free thinking children that follow their true beliefs and ideas. It’s a very colorful, yet toned down, and fun story. How to achieve this cool look? Layer fabrics, colors, patterns and different lenghts to your hearts content. The more the merrier and the cooler the look. For instance, check out the colorful knit cardigans, wide leg pants and comfy parkas. Small details such as patches, embroideries and colored shoelaces give this look an extra  eyecatcher. Finish off the outfit with a winterish bucket hat, thick socks and comfy sneakers and your kid is ready to enjoy the cool fall air. 

We loved putting together these children’s fall winter fashion trends as a quick read for you but above all we would like to say a special thanks to Bobo Choses, Tinycottons, Bellrose, Soft Gallery, Wauw Capow by Bangbang, Sometime Soon and Angulus for providing us with image material.

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