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CIFF Youth Copenhagen Summer 2020

by Alexa

The other day we went to check out the CIFF Youth Copenhagen summer 2020 trade show. It was very inspiring to talk to different brand founders and representatives, to learn more about the efforts that they are undertaking to make their brands more sustainable. Few probably know, that a lot of brands are already doing a really great job and are willing to pave the way to a more eco friendly fashion approach, so that others may learn from their experience. We are really happy to see this change in the industry and hope that many more will follow.

Why visit a trade show when you don’t have your business set up yet?

Aside from gathering insights on trends one of our main objective for this visit at CIFF Youth Copenhagen summer trade show, was to tell brands more about our blog and get feedback from them on our idea. So far we didn’t have our blog or social media channels set up yet and we just had our own words to describe what our plans are and trigger the imagination of our conversation partner. We were really overwhelmed with the positive reactions that we got and the support. So this first business trip was eye-opening and a huge success for us. Plus it was our kick off to get the blog and social media ready to launch.

Take a look at our gallery, find out more about our favorite finds and get some color inspirations. For example did you know that lavender is a great fresh color to pair with mustard, rust and brown towns? Coming up next summer this will be one of the color highlights for a fresh look. We hope you enjoy this quick overview. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more brand portraits and trend infos ….

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