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Color Update- for your 2-10 year olds

by Alexa

Here is our color update for the age group 2-10 years. It’s a bit more flashy and edgy than the one for the babys& toddlers. We incorporated more creative mixing into this story to make it stand out more and give you an idea of the possibilities that are out there. The outfits and color combos are gender neutral and there is always pants & skirt involved, so you can choose to your liking. We are very much in love with the bold colors and statement shoes. So, here we go….

Spice it up with bold lavender and a statement jacket

Dusty rose, rust and sage with a bold hiking boot

Sage, mustard and dusty rose will brighten up your fall day

Light lavender, rust and rose mixing up the game

Sage mustard and denim- mix in a leo print just for the fun of it

Rust, lavender and mustard- combine a pair of cowboy boots to add the boheme vibe

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