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freh- a children’s fashion brand made in Berlin

by Alexa

Today we would like to introduce you to a Berlin based brand, Freh. You might already have come across their colorful, fun designs, or seen their cycling cap in our head wear special. If you’re not yet familiar with the brand, it’s about high time you check them out.

Freh, was created by Mareike and Frederic Aue in 2017. When looking for sporty fun clothes for their daughter they just couldn’t find something that tickled their fancy. As they are both cycling enthusiast, they were looking for kidswear that was functional, unisex and would just simply blend into their daughters play. So Frederic decided to take matters into his own hands and started sowing outfits and caps for their daughter Levke.

What started out as a clothing line for their daughter, soon became popular on playgrounds around town. And everyone wanted to get their hands on the cool freh styles.

Right from the start the two founders saw the importance of creating a collection for kids, no focus on boy or girl but simply children in general. The entire production is in their Berlin studio, where they also do all the screen printing. There is no overproduction, as everything is produced in small quantities, on demand and according to seasonality.

Having a smaller product run acually results in much more flexibility in regards to changing weather and demand. If we have a cold summer, they can simply produce more sweaters and start production for T-shirts later. In times of fast fashion this is a great and very much needed addition to the fashion industry and we hope that more brands will follow in their footsteps.

The fabric used for all freh items is GOTS certified and if possible, they try to source them in the region. Every item is made by hand in Berlin. So, if you’re looking for a true Berlin brand, this is one of them.

One last note. You might ask yourself where the idea for the colorful prints come from. Well, this was actually pure chance. While taking a neon footprint of their baby daughter, the little one started kicking around and all of a sudden her body was covered in neon color spashes. Voila, the design was born. Since then, they have added more designs, but the colorful roots stay the same.

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