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Lemon Jelly- a vegan shoebrand with inhouse recycling

by Alexa

You might already be familiar with Lemon Jelly shoes. They are perfect for this time of year, where you just don’t know what the weather will be like and you’re prepared for any kind of weather condition. Plus, the style is different from your regular rain boot. To find out what makes these shoes special, why they are not like a pair of regular PVC boots and what the company stands for, read on. As always, it’s a short report so easy for you to read while on the go.

Made in Portugal

The company Grupo Procalçado SA was founded in 1973 Portugal and sustainability has always been a top priority. So, when many companies decided to move production to Asia, they went the opposite direction. It was important for them to support the local production in Portugal and take on socioeconomic responsibility. Thus the foundation for the brand Lemon Jelly was made.

Wasteless Act

The brand is very much aware about the fact that they use plastic and that this is a very sensitive topic considering the state our world is in. The PVC that they use is a very high quality, durable material that can be reused and recycled. During production of their boots a lot of waste is produced. In order to be in control of what happens to the waste, Lemon Jelly has started to recycle it in-house and create a new line of shoes. These are all made of this recycled plastic waste, thus ensuring that everything is repurposed. The line is called Wasteless Act. The proclaimed target for 2020 is to reach 0% production waste and to reuse it for the production of new shoes.

PETA certified vegan shoes

As of this year Lemon Jelly has reached one of their big goals. To become a vegan shoe brand. They are now PETA approved vegan. Thus, none of the components used in their shoes have parts of animal origin. But this does not only mean that the shoes are vegan. It also includes packaging, hangtags and point of sale material. Thumbs up for this from our side! These are only some of the actions that the company has taken to become more sustainable and take responsibility for their production.

All in all we think the collection is quite versatile and has something to offer for just about anyone. We like the fact that they are taking matters into their own hands, to make sure production waste is recycled in a sustainable way and repurposed. If you want to learn more, check out their website.

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