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Little Hedonist – sustainable basic couture

by Julia

Here’s another beautiful brand, which we love to feature, as it is not only about clothing, but how to appreciate kids and delivering the key message, that they are our future.

Little Hedonist, a Dutch brand founded by Judith Van Venrooij, offers freedom, adventure and coziest, sustainable materials to your little ones. It shows the perfect mix of combining good values with a fashionable look and all goods are really made to stay.

Little Hedonist is dominated by plain basics, mostly unisex items, made with love and produced in Portugal, taking sustainable aspects into consideration and using softest, organic materials. And by the way, all styles are really cool.

Many of the items have raw edges, to easily adapt the length of sleeves and legs to the size of your kids. These unfinished edges are also a symbol for the open mind that has no limitations and boundaries. Nothing to irritate the little adventurer, everything to feel free in exploring the world.

The new AW20 collection is called THE RE-INVENTED COLLECTION, as the last months have been all about re-inventing. The makers stayed loyal to the DNA of little Hedonist, as a basic couture collection. But they have put a lot of energy in adding details that make their no-nonsense sober basics so much more than just basics. Next to the use of organic cotton in their jerseys little Hedonist added knitwear. With dedication, they worked on the use of recycled fabrics which fit their DNA perfectly. The less waste, the better!


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