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Manitober- Unisex kidswear made in Hamburg

by Alexa

Come as you are: sustainability for the entire family
Since fall 2017 the Hamburg based brand Manitober has been serving their small customers with sustainable, cool and unisex styles.

All styles of this family run business are made in Europe from ecologically compatible fabrics. For Manitober it is not only about having a sustainable production. Their approach is to make long lasting clothing. This is why they offer a life long return right for their products. If your kids have outgrown the pieces you can either hand them down to sibling or friends, sell them or give them back to Manitober and receive a voucher to use for your next purchase with them.

Items that are brought or sent back to Manitober are cleaned, repaired and prepped in a way so that the new owner can enjoy the next life cycle of this piece of clothing. The circular approach ensures that the products don’t simply get discarded and the high quality material doesn’t go to waste. We think this is a very smart idea and hope that many more brands will follow.

Manitobers‘ collection covers a range of cool, colorful products made of a stury wool fabric that can be worn throughout the year, a variety of sweats and knitwear made of organic cotton or reycelt wool. As of summer 2020 they will add a product range made of Lyocell organic cotton mix and a fun denim collection. Stay tuned.

For all of you who love to twin with your mini, no worries. Manitober has some styles where they added additional sizes for grown ups. To see the entire collection go check out their webshop. Here you can also learn more about their production and see who else stand behind this forward thinking brand.

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