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MONKIND- timeless design from Berlin

by Alexa

MONKIND is all about timeless design, structure and functionality with an artistic touch. This true family business opened their Berlin store in 2014. If you get a chance to go there drop by and find all the beautiful designs of MONKIND and some additional highlights from other brands.

The Berlin based brand aims to create an aesthetic message that is subtle and playful. All patterns are original, made with love and dedication for each season. You will find them on various pieces throughout the collection, adding highlights and lovely contrasts. The color palette used is based on soft, natural tones. Giving the child wearing MONKIND a calm, soothing vibe in todays mostly busy world.

Valeria is the designer behind MONKIND. Both of her parents were very artistic and creative and taught her the importance of aesthetic and composition from an early age on. After getting a degree in fashion design, she continouelly worked on evolving her feeling for aesthetic and design. Luckily for us, she decided to start her own brand and turn her talent and keen eye into a successful business. Meanwhile MONKIND is stocked in over 100 stores world wide.

All products are made of GOTS certified, organic cotton and in winter you can also find some pieces made of sustainable wool. Fabrics are dyed in an environmentally friendly way and most styles are certified vegan. To ensure a safe and fair working environment plus a sustainable production, all styles are made in Portugal. Where Valeria and Stewart regularly travel to, to meet their suppliers and check on production.

The summer 2020 colelction, SENSES is all about touch, smells and tastes and putting these elements into clothing through the use of color, texture and form. Thus creating a clean and sleek collection without neglecting playful elements. Find out more about the brand and their new collection here….


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