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OR Basics – A Celebration of Simplicity

by Julia

Stylish, sustainable and simple with a little touch of magic – that’s what Orbasics wants for their children’s clothes. They have ambitious targets. To make it incredibly easy to find wardrobe classics in gorgeous colours that mix and match effortlessly, designed to make mornings a breeze. An essential collection of children’s basics produced with a resolute commitment to fair trade, the environment and quality. It’s clothes, made better. Simple, really.

Orbasics began as one mother’s journey to find comfortable, sustainable and stylish clothes without harmful chemicals for her child and turned into a mission to make a difference in the clothing industry. With a big love for fashion, she decided to find out. She dove deep down the rabbit hole of fashion-making, talking to manufacturers in all of Europe and testing different designs. After months of research, cutting, designing and brainstorming she created her very first collection: functional unisex basics made of super soft organic cotton.

Orbasics creates clothes that you would want for your kids and friends‘ kids – soft, high-quality, sustainable and affordable basics that are super comfortable to wear. When it comes to kids wear, there should be no compromises. The soft clothes come in a superior quality that you can feel and are made to last through many generations. All items are made from 100% certified organic cotton by a family-run manufacturer in Portugal. Orbasics chooses the most ethical and responsible options at any point of their production chain, from the harvesting of the cotton to the packaging of their clothes.

At Orbasics, the customers actually come first. They strive to build meaningful relationships, to inspire and to make a positive difference.

Caring deeply about the well-being of our kids and the health of our planet, they try to make it easy to do good. Let yourself be inspired to have a positive impact on our world and to jointly make a change!

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