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PreLoved 8-10 years clothing, accessories, shoes

by Alexa

We put everything over 8-10 years in to this category. If you’re interested in any of these items drop us a line at preloved@bubblemumsociety.com

T-Shirts, Tops & Longsleeves

NEW tinycottons T-Shirt size 10y 15€

NEW Bamboo Celavi organic Longsleeve size 130 8y UVP 31€ our price 22€

Sweatshirts, Sweater & Cardigans

NEW ebbe Sweater size 134 UVP 39€ our prize 25€

NEW LOUIS LOUISE sweatshirt sizes 12y/8y (fits smaller) UVP 62€ our price 22€

NEW PLAY UP sweater 10y UVP 42€ our price 16€

ModAS Skipper Hemd Gr. 128 20€

NEU Redskins Blouson size 8y 39€

Pants & Shorts

NEW PLAY UP pants sizes 10y/8y UVP 42€ our price 18€

G-Star Chino 8y neu, UVP 69€ our price 29€

Jumpsuits, Dresses & Skirts

NEW LOUIS LOUISE skirt size 8y (fits smaller) UVP 58€ our price 22€


Chucks Converse Sneaker Size 32 15 Euro

Vans Kids Old School blue size 32 20€

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