by Julia

Bobo Choses has always been responsible for its social and environmental footprint. Since 2008, the brand strives to create friendly products for the environment and continuously improve production processes’ sustainability. As a new step towards sustainability, for the last two years, Bobo Choses has been working on a special innovation project to expand their overstock materials’ lifecycle and push the limits of what they have already achieved.

Thanks to research, development, and innovation, the brand hascreated a permanent collection made with recycled, upcycled, and natural materials that rescue the most iconic and beloved prints and patterns in its history—a delight for Bobo Choses lovers and for those who want to be part of the change.

The Iconic Collection brings together the most popular prints and shapes from the brand’s +12-year history. The collection debuts with the famous Apple, Cloud, and Chapeau prints. All big commercial successes during the brand’s early days. The Iconic Collection will introduce new items and best-selling prints
at a later date.

This collection represents the brand’s most timeless essence, a gift for all Bobo Choses’ fans worldwide and will be launched next April 20th.

Text and images by www.bobochoses.com

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