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Stone Island- A journey into space

by Alexa

The Fall Winter 19/20 Stone Island Junior collection has a lot to offer. But what else would we expect? We want to take you along on their journey through space and point out a couple of the highlights of the current collection. Find the impressiveness of lunar images, luminescence and metallic surfaces incorporated into  bright colours  such as orange, yellow, magenta, aquamarine – contrast with black, airforce blue, ink and white. Lean back and enjoy the ride!


The new luminescent garments such as this fleece overall with a luminescent rubberised coating that recharges in the light and glows in the dark, also has windproof diagonal pockets for all the possessions your child might want to carry around. Even the knit sweater and hat are luminescent. The perfect outfit for this season.


Not your regular camouflage. In this case Stone Island used a photo of the Earth from space rendered in digital graphics to generate the camouflage print of the season. The jacket is in padded linen, nylon watro, which will make sure your kid stays nice and warm.

LAMY – Metallic Effects

We can’t get over the coolness of this silver, military-inspired cape. It’s absplute perfection. These garments in hyper-lightweight nylon tela are bonded with a metallic-effect polyurethane film on the outside, then garment dyed. But also the down jacket is not just your off the rack down jacket. No, this one has detachable sleeves with reflective tape. Perfect for the dark mornings and afternoons before and after school.


This new down jacket construction is seamless. The down pouches are created in the fabric weaving through a special weaving technique, and then the down is filled into the pouches. This method increases the down proof quality of the fabric.


In search of a high performing softshell jacket? This 2-layer material is resistant to a water column of 8000 mm. The outer face is laminated to a breathable, windproof and waterproof membrane. What we especially like is the jersey-looking outer face which also gives a great flexibility and comfort to the jacket. But its not your ordinary sofshell. No, it’s quilted with a PrimaLoft® layer, which will keep your kid nice and warm. PrimaLoft® is an exclusive blend of fibres with ultra-fine diameters that create millions of air pockets, offering outstanding insulation capacity.


These jackets and vests are made in a lightweight nylon ripstop with an ultra-tight weaving construction. The resin coating of the inner face makes it wind resistant and mildly water resistant. Through the direct injection of feathers and the lightweight construction of the feather bags Stone Island manages to enhance the lightness and comfort of the garments. In order to create a special visual effect the dye bath they use gives the surface a blurred, marbled appearance.

There are many things that we like about this collection. But one thing that is always fascinating with Stone Island is the very high funcitonality of the garments. The way each piece is engineered and designed is always on point. We of course are in love with the cape, luminescent pants and the earth print camouflage. Because who wouldn’t be?

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