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Tambere- unique Korean kidswear

by Alexa

We first came across Tambere on Instagram. Their unique look, oversized silhouettes and effortless cool were just what we were looking for. So we decided to share this great brand with you.

TAMBERE started in Korea with over 10 years of experience in children’s garments. The team is made up of experts in children’s wear. Fashion designers, accessory designers, textile designers, photographers, brand directors have come together to input their experience. The goal, to create a unique image and brand.

Each season Tambere has a new theme drawing their inspiration from themes of everyday life. The story of Tambere started with its 2015 FW collection debuting it in Paris.“5 Dolls”. The theme “5 Dolls” expressed the warmth of friends, with a natural, over fit look. This theme was actually inspired by a child’s drawing of 5 stones. With that, the design was done using 5 dolls, symbolizing 5 friends.

Tambere shows that a garment designed purely for children can be so on point, with details that enhance the look and are still wonderful to move and play around in. In the end, isn’t this what it’s about? Fashion shouldn’t feel limiting in any form. Especially not when it comes to kids.

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