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The Simple Folk – dedicated to preserving the simple magic of childhood

by Alexa

Minimalist childrenswear brand The Simple Folk launched their Autumn Winter 2020 collection with an invigorated sense of drive, purpose, and commitment to lead the slow fashion movement forward. Created from a place of reverence and the emergence of a kinder, more mindful world, The Simple Folk’s cozy AW20 line truly reflects the lessons of the past few months and marks a return to the rootedness of family. Humbled by the cathartic lessons of this year, co-creators Jamie Morea and Abi Brown channeled their energy and poured it into what is truly their most magical collection yet of sustainable, ethical, and luxuriously soft play clothes for children ages 0 to 10 years old.

From an increased range of sizes to new fabrics like vintage style corduroy and durable denim, along with a refined, rich and earthy palette, this season’s collection provides a soothing backdrop for cuddling close to the ones we love most and endless adventure in the great outdoors. “This collection feels particularly near to our hearts as it embodies the new depths of who we’ve become as individuals and as families over the past several unprecedented months. We created this collection in celebration of our newfound knowing of all that matters most,“ says Brown. “Our wish is that all wild-hearted babes end this year completely enveloped in wonderfully soft, minimalist, non-toxic and sustainable clothing that is made with love from start to finish.”

Morea and Brown are dedicated to preserving the simple magic of childhood, fostering family connection, and using consciously-sourced, non-toxic fabrics and dyes that are GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified. They intentionally craft timeless and practical pieces so each garment can be worn for years and effortlessly passed between siblings, and the entire collection has been designed as heirloom pieces to reduce the chances that any of their clothing ends up in our world’s landfills or oceans.

The result is a sophisticated, high-comfort assortment of nature-inspired styles—from playsuits, rompers, and dresses to cozy knitwear, denim, and outerwear. In addition, The Simple Folk’s AW20 collection of clean and organic fabrics are produced in an eco-friendly, GOTS certified factory in Portugal that runs on green energy from solar-generated power with esteemed professionals and local artisans who cut, sew, and dye each garment in an empowered and healthy environment.

Morea and Brown are also proud to support organizations that are committed to children’s empowerment and education worldwide, specifically advocating for the Kikulu Foundation, Malala Fund, and Pencils of Promise. When asked about the collection, Morea stated, “Our devotion to supremely soft and sustainable clothing made with ethical values continues to be our driving force. As we continue to advocate for slow, health-conscious fashion at every stage of the supply chain, we’re also focused on celebrating diversity in all we do and being a source of inspiration for our community as we share parallel journeys of parenting and caring for our world.”For more information, visit thesimplefolk.co.

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