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WAUW CAPOW By Bangbang children’s fall fashion trends

by Alexa

WAUW CAPOW By Bangbang. Wow indeed it is! They have been around for quite some time already. Starting out in 2008 under the name of BangBang Copenhagen they recently changed to their new brand name. We love the brand. Their fun designs and approach to creating these beautiful pieces of clothing for our little ones. We put together a gallery of children’s fall fashion trends and looks for you to get an impression that the brand is about.

Who comes up with the design of all these fun pieces of clothing?

The founders Louise and Mia, had the dream to create kids clothes inspired by the playful spirit of children. Their designs are influenced by modern and conceptional arts and colors. Different animal shapes, textures and the comfortable and functional elements of streetwear are essential to their collection. Meanwhile there is an entire Wauw Capow-family of loveable characters. Get ready to meet Fluffy Boy, Penny Penguin, Selma Sunshine and many more. You can find them all incorporated into to the garments design.

Apart from putting a lot of work into creating the perfect garment, they also want to know who makes their clothes and where they are produced. Production is in Serbia with a family owned factory that they visit twice a year and where they know that working conditions are at a European standard. Prototypes are tailor-made to ensure that the design fits children shapes and movements. Wherever possible they use eco-certified textiles. All socks and tights are made of organic cotton and Wauw Capow constantly checks where along the production line they can become more sustainable. There local community is also very important to them. Thus they support the local NGO-project and donate clothes to the Red Cross‘ local charity event, Faraja School and daycare for disabled kids.


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