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Wawaland – Children of the Revolution

by Julia

Spanish Brand with a mission. The creation of Wawaland is motivated by the need to educate children and make them aware of values such as love for the planet, sustainability, equality, respect for the different ones, freedom and creativity!

This amazing and innovative brand is manufactured in Portugal and Peru under fair trade standards. The clothes are made with Peruvian cotton, one of the best qualities in the world. This collection is timeless, non-seasonal, sustainable and unisex. All Styles are named by famous personalities and tributes to those muses, such as Cousteau, Coco, Goodall and Lennon for example.

Wawaland is a multidisciplinary project. Their goal is that children grow up being educated in ambitious values such as love for the planet, sustainability, equal opportunities and rights, freedom and creativity.

This brand creates clothes and objects that are capable of transmitting all the good that we have as human beings since, at times, we forget. They try to create a space for connection between parents and children, and The Wawies, are their voice.

The Wawies are the inhabitants of the Wawaland magical world, and they have incredible magic powers. Join them and build a freer, more sustainable and fuller of love world!

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