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Yellowpelota – the flower hunters FW20

by Alexa

Yellowpelota has been around since 2013. Its unique look and modern yet nostalgic flair made us fall in love with them and thus we wanted to give you a short intro to their FW2020 collection.

This collection tells the story of the flower hunters. Once upon a time a group of kids wasvsent to a holiday camp. But it wasn’t the usual kind of camp you’re familiar with…. it was a winter camp. Little Miss Grumpy, Miss Perfect, Mr. Weirdo, Miss Wild and Miss Clumsy, met at this unique location. A special place where magic happens.

The motley crew soon realized that they had something in common, their love for winter flowers. This formed a strong bond between them and they soon became friends and created a secret club. The Flower Hunters.

Their search for flowers led them on a magical adventure that they will never forget. They found the most beautiful and rare winter flowers, and along the way the discovered the beauty of difference. Respecting the quirks and virtues of each other and loving each other just as they are, was the most powerful lesson they learned on their journey.

To fin out more go to http://www.yellowpelota.com/

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