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ebbe – sustainable casual fashion

by Julia

We’d love to introduce you to the Swedish brand ebbe. It is inspired by the Scandinavian landscape and the love for the simple things in life. In the design process the team finds inspiration from the deep woods, the streams and lakes all the way to the hills and wide beaches. The collections are stripped down, modern and functional. Add a touch of denim and the outcome is what is called Scandinavian Simplicity. 

For AW19 the brand just announced that 80% of their collection is sustainable. While designing, the team focused on using a large part organic cotton together with the goal to incorporate as much recycled and durable materials as possible. ebbe also added a lot of new styles and exciting new fabrics like recycled polyester and bamboo in this collection. For the brand it is important to think ethically all the way, from design to production. They make conscious choices concerning everything starting with the composition of materials and ending where to produce the collections. „We would like to emphasize the importance of good suppliers, who can join us on our way to a more sustainable future“ says Mikael Thor, CEO ebbe.

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