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Shirley Bredal – timeless, handknitted heirloom pieces

by Alexa

I’m sure you have come across Shirley Bredal, or maybe even are a fan of the brand already. Famous for their hand crafted heirloom pieces and unique embroidery, it’s natural that we are huge fans. Contemporary Nordic clothing quality principles meet Nepal’s handknitting communities.

Shirley Bredal strives to pass down the love, intention and beauty of precious handcrafted heirloom pieces, while upgrading traditional artisan techniques with a beautiful and timeless Nordic design. The brand just introduced new amazing embroideries, the so called ‚Wildflower‘, a bouquet of wild florals, inspired by the Danish natural wild flowers and the ‚Mushrooms‘ embroidery – a journey through the Autumn leaves and little shrooms, inspired by the Danish Autumnal forests. The embroidery is textured and so beautiful – not one piece is alike, truly unique hand-finished pieces. Have a look at these amazing pieces. We are just absolutely fascinated by these truly amazing garments.

Apart from these new pieces, the collection has a variety of different ranges that are part of the Shilrey Bredal handwriting. Here is a short overview, so that if you’re not familiar with their work yet, you’ll very soon be.

The bubble range- a classic knit pattern that has now become an entire range in their collection. Where they experiment with various colours and offer the collections in both cotton and merino wool. The ladies making this range have been doing so for the past 6 years and are experts really. We feel it is the perfect unisex range

Flora- The handcrafted styles are stitched together and finished off by hand, and then sent over to the wonderful embroidery team. These ladies are home based and embellish the styles by adding the wonderful embroidery – entirely by hand. With every stitch the flora pieces come alive. Truly a heirloom collection to cherish and pass down to the next sibling or friend.

Woodland- This range is the result of a fun poll Shirley Bredal did among their family of followers and customers. They asked their community for ideas for a new unisex embroidery range. It was perhaps their most complicated range till this date to develop – balancing shapes and colours to achieve this magical design. The ladies embroidering this range are a selected few, and there is a limit to how many pieces can be made, because it truly is a time heavy task.

Hemp/Cotton- a sustainable, classy range of everyday wear that is highly suitable for child’s play, kindergarten and school. Hemp has 3 times the tensile strength compared to pure cotton; it just handles child’s play and frequent machine washing so well. It is lightweight and absorbent, making it very comfortable to wear – whilst also providing UV protection.

And last but not least there is a the Koala and Mini-Knits collection. Creating little mini versions of your child’s pieces. The collection was developed because there were quite a few women interested in enganging with the brand and gaining a side income from kitting for Shirley Bredal KTM, but their experience level was not quite up to level for larger pieces. They therefore developed a small training effort for smaller sized pieces – and from there the collection grew.

To shop the brand hop over to theri shop https://shirleybredal.com/ or follow them on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/shirleybredal/?hl=en

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