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Orbasics – comfy, GOTS certified basics now also available for women

by Alexa

After many parent requests to have their kids ́ basics for themselves, Orbasics is now launching its first adult collection: Orbasics Womenswear. Just like the kids line, the entire collection is made in Portugal from premium organic cotton and stays available at reasonable prices due to direct online sales.

Since the start of September 2020, customers have been able to preorder their new organic basics . With every new piece Orbasics is making the collection available in a preorder phase to avoid overproduction. All items have already reached enough pre-orders to be produced and the collection will be going into production in mid-September. Just like the kids line, the adult prices are comparable to non-organic brands through being sold directly online. “Over the months, many mothers asked us if we could also offer our kids designs
for adults. Apart from the timeless colors and cuts, the reason for this is probably our great quality, which makes the garments stay incredibly soft even aftermany washes. We are incredibly happy that our basics are now available for adults and can’t wait for the feedback”, says founder Lilija Bairamova.

Orbasics Womenswear is launching with four easy to combine basics in two colours and sizes XXS – XXL:
● Grand Tee: An organic basic for every day. Generously cut in every detail and uncompromisingly sustainable, this organic cotton t-shirt guarantees comfy and effortless style.
● All-Day Leggings: These leggings are made of breathable, flexible and super soft organic cotton jersey. They have a comfortably high waist and a wonderfully wide and soft waistband.
● Cosy Sweater: The essential organic sweater – made to give extra coziness to every outfit. With its wide cuffs at the neck and sleeves, it is especially comfortable and really goes with everything.
● Oh-so Easy Pants: A gorgeously comfortable pair of pants with wide and super soft cuffs. Cut of the soft organic fleece that makes all Orbasics pieces so special.

You might still rember, that last year we featured Orbasics in one of our brand specials. If you missed that, hop over to find out more details and dive into our interview with founder Lilija. Or read the short summary below.

Launched in 2018, the Orbasics kids collection now features a wide array of items including pants, leggings, t-shirts, dresses, tank tops, sweaters and longsleeves in unisex colours. There are also pyjamas currently available on preorder. “At Orbasics, moms and dads can always be sure they are getting the highest
sustainable standards. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to find stylish and organic clothes for their kids”, says Bairamova. In the production of 100% organic cotton clothes, the founder only works with
manufacturers that are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This way, customers can be sure that all elements of the supply chain meet rigorous sustainable and ethical standards. For the packaging, the label pays attention to ecological and recyclable materials.

Find more at www.orbasics.com

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