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JELLY MALLOW- contemporary kids fashion from Korea

by Alexa

Jelly Mallow, the Korean, contemporary premium fashion brand for kids, has been on our radar for quite some time. So you can only imagine how thrilled we were, to finally meet them in person at Playtime Paris and check out their FW20/21 collection. And let us tell you, we loved  what we saw and can’t wait for these styles to hit the shops in fall.

We will give you a sneak peek to one of the hottest brands, that we know. So fasten your seat belts because this will be a time travel into the future.

The brand has been around since 2013. Jelly Mallows clothes are designed to look good, feel comfortable and make kids happy! And, pinky promise, they certainly will make your kids super happy. The designs, color palettes and fits are made in a cool, easy and yet child-play friendly way. So no need to worry! As we all know, sometimes styles are total must-haves at first sight, but once worn you realize they are not made for adventure, crazy games and soccer. But this is not the case with Jelly Mallow. Oversized looks, washed and robust fabrics, with creative prints will surely not hinder your kids to play.

So where does the name come from, you might ask? Well, you probably already guessed. It’s a compound of jelly and marshmallow. Probably two of the sweetest, sugary-things on earth that kids love and thus easy to remember.

The collection covers ages 2-13 years. To be honest, we wouldn’t mind throwing on a couple of these cool styles ourselves. If you are looking for something to spice up your kids wardrobe, voila, here you go!

Find more on the current SS20 collection at http://jellymallow.com/

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