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A handful of inspiring brands we found on instagram

by Alexa

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the abundance of brands that are out there. We go to trade shows, flip through magazines and scroll through instagram to find the latest scoop. It’s a bit overwhelming that there are so many different brands out there doing the same thing, making children’s clothes. But, by taking a closer look you can see, they are not all the same and there in fact is a difference. Be it in small design details, good craftmanship, sustainable or upcycelt fabrics you name it. We have noticed that there are more and more brands crossing our path on social media that actually have a uniqueness that really counts.

Today we would like to share a few of these brands with you. Most of them we came across on instagram over the past couple of months and years. So sit back and enjoy.

JIMMI WOW- based and made in Berlin


Go Gently Nation- based and made in Los Angeles


Fluffwear – based and made in Malmö


Merrilee Liddiard Dolls- handmade in Springville Utah


Lieblinge- childrens shoes made in Berlin


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