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Marooms – make room for your childs imagination

by Alexa

Have you heard of Marooms? We hadn’t until we went to CIFF YOUTH Copenhagen and met Linh, the founder of Marooms. While walking over the CIFF we were immediately drawn into the creative world that she had set up . Here is a short overview for you to learn more about Marooms.

We want to create worlds of untold stories – to create a place for children’s creativity to evolve!

Make room for your child’s imagination

Isn’t that something we all strive for? A child’s imagination goes so far beyond what we adults know and are capable of. Very often what the outside world expects of and offers to our children is doesn’t foster imaginary play. Marooms tries to bridge this gap and go even further by creating an interior universe for children. It’s primarily made for playful children from age 3-9. The design, artwork and collages inspire children to have fun, make them think in new ways and use their imagination.

We believe that we through our imagination can find the way to a more beautiful, fun, inspirational, and sustainable World.

Marooms compass

Marooms uses the cardinal directions to structure their assortment

  • East:make room for imagination from playful, edgy, cool inspirations
  • South: strive to sustainable and eco-friendly production
  • West: make unique and simple products of high quality and functionality
  • North:beautiful artistic design for the modern home

Marooms Artworks

Each element in their artworks is carefully chosen,  cut by hand  and  made as a collage to inspire the observers to shape their own stories. It is developed specifically for the Marooms universe and designed in close cooperation with various Danish designers. Allured by three illustrative themes, Fairy tale, Nature and Space, Marooms’ journey starts with five complementary eco-friendly home products, intending to let the imagination in children soar.

Sustainable production

Marooms intends to create timeless items in natural materials and aims at a sustainable future with less pollution and more long-lasting items. The textiles are made of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and are dyed according to the Oecotex standard to avoid harmful substances to the skin and environment.

We love Marooms approach, to prolong imaginary play and even foster it. And hope that there will be many more following in their footsteps of understanding the huge treasure that our children’s imagination holds for us and the world.

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