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Reima- Repair Reuse Reduce

by Alexa

Now that it’s getting colder and it’s hard to really say how the weather will turn out, it’s vital to have the right rain or even snow wear ready for your kids.

That’s why we decided it is high time for a rain- and snow wear special. Today we would like to introduce you to Raima. The company has been around for 75 years. They grew from a small workwear company into a global brand. Today, they’re known for superior quality and innovative approach to kids’ needs.

The garments are built to last, so that you can hand them down to siblings, your family and friends or resell them 2nd hand. For us this is always a very important factor when buying something new. Rather invest a bit more in a quality item, that can be worn over several generations. Then buy numerous cheaply made articles that barely last a season.

These light weight down jackets can be used as mid-layers warmers once it gets really cold. They are windproof and fluorocarbon free. Reflective details ensure visibility . What we especially like in this range are the colors, more specifically the rust and brown tones. They are just so clean and crisp and easy to combine.

The rainwear is welded, so that there are no seams for bits of water to leak through. The waterproof material is without PVC and phthalates. Your kids can enjoy the rainy days to the fullest and you won’t have to worry about any harmful components in your children’s rainwear.

Their jackets and snowsuits are designed to allow maximum movement and yet keep your little ones nice and warm. They have a water column of up to 15,000mm and an extra insulated seat. We love the cool designs and details, like the reflective gloves and snowsuit. How fun is that? Get ready for winter, it’s just around the corner.

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