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Hannah & Tiff- incorporating South East Asian culture into fashion

by Alexa

Taking on the challenge of incorporating South East Asia’s culture into fashion, is what the wonderful brand Hannah&Tiff does. Their designs are inspired by the heritage deeply embedded in everyday life. Characterised with their signature hand embroidery, Hannah & Tiff’s contemporary silhouettes and quality bring a perfect balance between playful and normal everyday wear.

For every season, Hannah & Tiff incorporate subtle pastel with minimal, pretty prints to achieve a clean, crisp and understated look. The pieces are unique and a highlight in each child’s wardrobe. We especially loved the hand quilted and embroidered styles that instantly transport us into another world. If you’re lucky you can get your hands on a piece from their limited edition.

Apart from the above mentioned quilted and embroidered styles they also have a sustainable Seasonal Collection. Which covers classic clothing made of Organic Cottons with a twist of contemporary hint. Each collection is based on a story or tradition in their far east heritage

The garments are made with pride and care in India. Hannah & Tiff aim for ethical supply chain by helping the woman in the countryside in India to preserve long-lost art and improve their living standard – such as our hand quilted range.

Their AW19 collection is inspired by the story of Dong Ho folk woodcut painting. Dong Ho painting is considered a fine reflection of traditional aesthetic value, social philosophies, and humanitarian desires. Elements of everyday life are well integrated in Dong Ho paintings expressing the thoughts and wishes of the people. A strong and vibrant colour palette was used to combine the beauty of the tradition & modern aesthetics.

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