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The Natty- concious style for everyday life

by Alexa

While visiting the Playtime show in Paris, we came across a number of really great brands. One of them that immediately caught our attention was, The Natty. A London based label that founder Nadia Fauzi, started during her second pregnancy. We fell in love with the beautiful, simple yet contemporary design and really wanted to share this with you.

While searching for styles that would suit her minimalist taste and fit during and after pregnancy, she realized that the market had nothing to offer her. She was determined to change this and started with her first capsule collection ‚ The Natty‘. A well designed, smart and minimalist collection that was timeless and sustainable.

Of course, the most interesting thing for us was to check out the kids styles, since this is our core business. The collection of sustainable kids clothing with conscious living at its heart consist of only a few items. But all of them are on point and a beautifully made. With their simple neutrals, muted everyday prints and stripes, The Natty breaks tradition to bring gender-neutral children and baby clothing which are big on stylish functionality and playful minimalism.

To ensure high quality they limit manufacture and all organic cottons used are GOTS-certified. The Natty aims to promote a more sustainable way of buying clothes by offering easy-to-wear and timeless collection that takes away the pressure of having to buy new clothes as the weather changes.

But this is not all. Staying true to its philosophy to offer high-quality fashion whilst keeping to the ethos of modern, timeless, ethical and sustainable design. The Natty is ready to launch 3 more collections. Here we go

The Jericho Collection

This collection will add elements of texture and depth to your wardrobe with corduroy. As you all might know, we LOVE corduroy. It’s practical without being drab and plush without being flashy. What more do you want?

The Merino Collection

The many natural benefits of merino wool are well known to almost every parent. Its moisture-wicking, insulating, regulates temperature and is breathable. We think it’s a must staple in every wardrobe.

The Cosy Collection

You’ve probably alredy guesses it. This is where The Natty will be offering supremely soft knitwear and ribbed cotton, anything that will keep your little ones nice and cosy. Think classic jumpers, cardigans, onesies and leggings.

For more styles check out https://www.thenatty.co/

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