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eLfinFolk- With love from Japan

by Alexa

Another one of our alltime favorites is eLfinFolk. We already introduced you to them on our Instagram profile. You missed it? Well then it’s about high time to follow us on instagram and check out our feed and stories on a regular basis. We will let it slip this one time, but in case you want to jump over and take a look here’s the link https://www.instagram.com/bubblemumsociety/.

Back to the matter at hand. It was a real treat to acutally see eLfinFolk in real life. To get a chance to meet the designer, Takane, at Playtime in Paris where they were showing their FW20/21 collection.

Seeing the images above, you must have already realized, that this is not just any brand. Not your ordinary children’s design. This look is so unique, playful and creative. All at the same time. To grasp it’s coolness to the full extend YOU MUST GO FOR THE FULL LOOK. Yes! I firmly believe in mix and matching. But in this case I just have to make an exception and tell you to go for a head to toe eLfinFolk outfit. You won’t regret it!

The Japanese brand is still very young and launched their first collection in fall of 2018. A boutique for little people of the invisible kingdom in the deep forest, as they put it. And once you see the collection you really know what they are talking about. These clothes for kids have a nostalgic and airy-fairy feel of a foreign land. Like ethnic costumes for invisible fairies that exist. We instantly felt our mind travel into this beautiful land that Takane created in her collection.

The details, craftsmanship and fabrics used in their collection are from another world. You have to hold an item in your hand to truly believe it. To grasp the unbelievable talent and creative mind behind this brand. As with so many brands we see and love, we really wouldn’t mind throwing on a couple ot these looks and sporting them. And you know what. IT IS POSSIBLE. Yes, this is not a typo. You can actually buy eLfinFolk for grownups! Want to see the full range for spring summer 2020? Check out their homepage at https://elfinfolk.com/

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