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folk made- drawing a smile on all faces

by Alexa

Here we go with another one of our favorites from Playtime Paris. folk made is a kids fashion brand based in Japan. One of the things we love about this brand, are the super comfortable and cool silhouettes. But back to the brand story. It all started when designer Harumi Watanabe made clothing for her daughter in 2015. She always cherished the key concept of unique and timeless designs, good quality and long lasting clothes with beautiful color variation. Not really finding what she was looking for in the current market, she decided to go ahead and create what she wanted herself.

She aims at drawing a smile on all faces for children and grownups with folk made designs! Create something that transports the joy, fun and freedom of a child.

We love a gallant and cool child, but we want them to have an innocent forever…

The SS2020 collection „folkcloric“ has big silhouettes, and spice & earth colors. It covers baby, kids and women’s wear. This season features lots of mix-coordination with one shoulder top, flare vest and tube cardigan. A highlight of the collection is the original textile with Yukari MIYAGI who is a Japanese illustrator. The faric is painted with handwriting-like animal characters that live in an imaginary world. This folkloric print series will become must-have items.

If you want to see more of the brand go check out their webshop at https://folkmade.theshop.jp/

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