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G-Star – for denim lovers

by Julia

G-STAR RAW presented their 3rd kids-and teen wear line in A/W 19. A selected range, combining cool denim, relaxed cuts and fun prints. Classical silhouettes inspired by new designs and colorful details are a main staple of the collection. Unisex denim and Logo Sweaters add a fresh urban spirit.

This was reason enough for us to do some research on how G-Star, the mother ship, is acting in terms of sustainability.

Cotton denim is the core of G-Star´s collection. It represents 80% of the raw materials they use. For this reason they focus on sustainable options of this crop, that generally needs a lot of water and pesticides to grow. One of their major goals is to reduce their environmental footprint by using 100% sustainable cotton by 2020.

Sustainable design innovation is a key part of their mission. Thus ensuring that the denim of today, and of the future, is created with respect for people and our planet in a transparent way. G-Star believes that sustainability is not a constraint to denim innovation, but rather an exciting opportunity to unlock new potential within the fabric itself.

For G-Star innovating for the future includes taking responsibility for the social and environmental effect of their products. To focus on minimizing the environmental impact through a circular approach to how denim is both made and used is key. Increasing the use of materials, washings and finishes that contribute to a sustainable future without compromising on quality, comfort and design. The brand sees it as their responsibility to take leadership within the industry and continuously experiment and develop new sustainable design innovations using denim as their canvas.

The Supplier Code of Conduct that they developed, should ensure that G‑Star products are made under fair and safe circumstances. The suppliers are required to be compliant with this Code of Conduct and the underlying Social and Environmental, Safety and Health standards. G-Star supports and works together with their suppliers, and external experts to continuously improve in this area.

As you know we usually talk about smaller or handmade brands on our blog. But we are also aware of the fact that it is very important for the big players of this industry to start changing their usual production routine and massively change the status quo for the better. We believe that the actions that G-Star is undertaking to change the denim production and make it more sustainable, deserves our recognition. The styles are high quality and made to last.

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