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Teapot- Color is life

by Alexa

Here is our next newcomer that we saw at Playtime Paris. What really made us fall in love with Teapot is the beautiful colors that are so unlike anything else we’ve seen so far. Teapot is a new children’s fashion brand created, designed and produced in Barcelona.

FW 20/21 marks their very first collection. So we felt really lucky to run into them in Paris. With their first collection Teapot wanst to reach children around the globe. Risky and colorful designs, inspired by the England of the 80’s and fused with Asian culture in its forms make this collection so unique. Comfortable clothes, relaxed fits and very light fabrics are guaranteed to be very much appreciated by your youngsters. Clothes to enjoy and fall in love, with the strong believe that children should dress like children and not like little adults.

Surely Teapot will be bursting onto the fashion scene very strongly. Color is life and kids know how
to enjoy life! Want to find out more about the brand check them out here https://www.teapotbcn.com/

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