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The Animals Observatory- relishing the present and laying down memories for the future

by Alexa

An all time favorite of ours, and of so many of our readers, is The Animals Observatory. It’s about high time to give this brand our undivided attention an tell you a bit more about them. We love their approach to children’s fashion, the unique look and the creative styling. Just looking at the pieces, throws us back into memories of our own childhood.

Laia Aguilar, the creative director and together with Jan Andreu, founder of the brand, aims to create timeless, quality clothes, with their own world. Clothes that have an iconographic aesthetic that gets better over time and are made to last. Their ambition as a brand is to be part of the childhood memories of the kids who wear their clothes today.

Before starting The Animals Observatory in 2016, Laia Aguilar worked as creative director for Bobo Choses. Jan Andreu had already been a great fan of her work back then and thus the two joined forces to create this beautiful, timeless brand. Children and adults alike are drawn to its sense of playfulness, comfort and aesthetic pleasure. All based on the philosophy of an old motto that Laia often repeats to her children: ‘Be a good animal, true to your instincts’.

The brand got additional attention when partnering with the Man Repeller for an event in Soho New York in November 2018. Both brands teamed up to host an afternoon of creativity for grownups, kids and everyone in between. Under the creative concept of a fine art museum, the event was structured like an open house, where guests felt free to drop in and out at their leisure. Throughout the afternoon different activities were put on, including printing The Animals Observatory tote bags, crafting friendship bracelets, collaging greeting cards and more.

The exhibition had three art installations: The Animals Observatory Fall/Winter curated selection by the brand’s creative director, Laia Aguilar, to give guests the chance to stop and appreciate the clothing; a custom canvas work of art created by the Man Repeller team; and a video projection lounge using The Animals Observatory fashion films to provide an area for attendees to kick back, relax and enjoy.

In its Manifesto campaign, The Animals Observatory wanted to give glamour wings. Paying homage to those childhood swings which, like the brand’s logo, that always took us soaring up and away. Cradling our dreams and lifting our feet from the ground. That’s what childhood is all about: flying high, watching the lives of grownups from the peak of our flight, relishing the present and laying down memories for the future.

The manifesto

  1. We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through things.
  2. We will be honest like animals and clever like children.
  3. Every morning, as we open the wardrobe, we will sing old songs for a new world.
  4. We will follow our instinct to the Northern Lights.
  5. Love above all. Equality above all. Kindness above all.
  6. We will play hide and seek with the stupid and the selfish. And they’ll never find us.
  7. We will light candles with kisses and look each other in the eyes.
  8. We will not respect museums that don’t tell the truth.
  9. We will reject any wool that’s scratchy.
  10. We will do things with passion, complete passion and nothing but passion.

To check out their current collection go to https://www.theanimalsobservatory.com/

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