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Yes my love kids- vintage inspired statement looks

by Alexa

Have you been looking for cool, vintage inspired looks for your kids? Check out YES MY LOVE KIDS. Designed in Berlin by founder Lena Hannah Nussbaum.

Her mini me collection focuses on tight family bonds. Take the gang sweathsirt on a stroll together with your mini. You’ll surely turn some heads while wearing these cool pieces. We also love the Mini and Me sweatshirts. Just in case you forget who’s who in the daily craziness that sometimes takes over our lives.

These timeless pieces are sure to bring some rock n roll vibes into your life. The brand has been around since 2015 and doesn’t only cover tees and sweats. No, you can also get your perfect accessories to spice up the mom look. We love the big leo bag, that can function as a weekender or the ideal carry all to fit all your kids stuff, plus some.

But it’s not only about looking good. No, one very important aspect of ‚YES MY LOVE KIDS‘ is that most styles are made of cotton and all items that need polyester are made of recycled polyester. Production is in Portugal, thus Lena is very close to her producers and knows exactly where her clothes are made. The dyes used are organic and all scarves are Oeko Tex standard 100 . To achieve the vintage look that gives the collection it’s edgy cool, each item is treated individually and has a nice and comfy feel.

This year Lena launched her second brand. YES MY LOVE. Here she focuses on premium quality statement pieces that are feminine and edgy. Want to know exactly what the look and feel of her clothes is? Check out her instagram stories and feel the good vibes coming across. Or, if you’re in lieu of outfit inspiration go take a look at her instagram feed, you’ll find ideas galore.

If now you’re wondering how you could have missed all of this? Well, we don’t know. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve follow Lena and be the first to learn about new pieces and looks in the making.

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